Layer0 for IDs

Mycel is a Decentralized ID Infrastructure solution that resolves addresses such as websites, crypto wallets, IPFS, among many more accessible through a single domain with name resolution support in DNS, IBC and smart contracts.


Multiple Addresses with One Name

Mycel supports almost of all chain's wallet addresses.
It is possible to resolve multiple addresses for each chain, such as contract wallets, with a single name.

Private Records

Users can send and receive tokens using just a domain name, without revealing their actual wallet address.
This is achieved using a cryptographic technique called zero-knowledge proof.

Integrate with Other Name Services

Mycel works as name service aggregator.
By integrate your name on other name service with Mycel, it can now be used in multi-chain.

Multiple Protocol Support

You can resolve domains via multiple protocols(IBC, DNS, and more!).

Ecosystem for Managing Domains

Registration fees are distributed to participants managing domains.

Compare with Other Name Services







Integration with Other Name Serives

Private Records

Smart Contracts