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ID based Intent-Centric Interface

Learn more about Mycel

Mycel Overview

Discover Mycel, simplifying multi-chain complexity and welcoming billions to blockchain without the hassle of gas fees and transactions.

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Explore the various use cases of Mycel, from digital identity to cross-chain transactions, and how it revolutionizes the blockchain space.

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Mycel ID

Learn how Mycel ID revolutionizes digital identity with seamless integration across Web2 and Web3 platforms, enhancing user experience and privacy.

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ID-based Transfer

Explore the benefits of Id-based transactions, enhancing privacy and user experience in the digital space with Mycel's innovative technology.

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Cross-chain Order Verifier

Cross-Chain Verifier plays a crucial role in ID-based transfer system, ensuring the security and integrity of cross-chain transactions.

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CosmWasm Guide

Start building on Mycel with CosmWasm, the perfect toolkit for smart contract development, enabling seamless integration and high performance.

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CLI Docs

Dive into the command-line interface documentation to effectively manage and interact with the Mycel network, enhancing your development workflow.

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Endpoints & Network

Access Mycel's RPC and LCD endpoints for seamless blockchain operations, enabling data queries and transaction execution.

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Validators & Run Node

Learn about Validator

Understand the critical role validators play in the Mycel network and how you can contribute to its security and efficiency by becoming a validator.

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Validator Setup

Get all the information you need to set up and run a node on the Mycel network, becoming a key player in securing and operating the blockchain.

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