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Command Line Tool



curl! | sudo bash

Use mycel [command] --help for more information about a command.

Run Local Validator

Initialize private validator, p2p, genesis, and application configuration files

mycel init

Run the full node

mycel start


registry register-top-level-domain

Registers a new top-level domain:

myceld tx registry register-top-level-domain [name] [registration-period-in-year]

registry register-second-level-domain

Registers a new second-level domain under a specified parent domain:

myceld tx registry register-second-level-domain [name] [parent] [registration-period-in-year]

registry update-wallet-record

Updates the wallet address record for a domain:

myceld tx registry update-wallet-record [name] [parent] [wallet-record-type] [value]

registry update-dns-record

Updates the DNS record for a domain:

myceld tx registry update-dns-record [name] [parent] [dns-record-type] [value]

registry withdraw-registration-fee

Withdraws the registration fee for an owned domain:

myceld tx registry withdraw-registration-fee [name]

registry extend-top-level-domain-expiration-date

Extends the expiration date of a top-level domain:

myceld tx registry extend-top-level-domain-expiration-date [name] [extension-period-in-year]


registry list-top-level-domain

Displays a list of all registered top-level domains:

myceld query registry list-top-level-domain

registry list-second-level-domain

Displays a list of all registered second-level domains:

myceld q registry list-second-level-domain

registry show-top-level-domain

Queries domain records by a specified top-level domain name:

myceld q registry show-top-level-domain [tld name]

registry show-second-level-domain

Queries domain records by a specified second-level domain name and its parent:

myceld q registry show-second-level-domain [sld name] [parent domain]

Query foo.cel

myceld q registry show-second-level-domain foo cel

registry list-domain-ownership

Displays a list of all domain ownerships:

myceld q registry list-domain-ownership

registry show-domain-ownership

Queries domain ownership by the owner's address:

myceld q registry show-domain-ownership [owner]

registry domain-registration-fee

Queries the registration fee for a domain:

myceld q registry domain-registration-fee [name] [parent] [registration-period-in-year]

resolver all-records

Query allRecords

myceld query resolver all-records [domainName] [domainParent] [flags]

resolver dns-record

Query DNS record

myceld query resolver dns-record [domainName] [domainParent] [dns-record-type] [flags]

resolver wallet-record

Query wallet record

myceld query resolver wallet-record [domain-name] [domain-parent] [wallet-record-type] [flags]