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The guides on this page will explain the process of developing on Mycel. Leveraging the Cosmos SDK, Mycel offers scalability, modularity, and interoperability. Understand how Mycel utilizes Cosmos SDK features for optimal blockchain solutions.

GitHub Our GitHub repository serves as the central hub for source code, tools, and community contributions. Explore and clone repositories to start building your projects on Mycel.

CLI Usage: Dive into the comprehensive guides on utilizing Mycel's command-line interface (CLI). These instructions will guide you through executing commands, managing accounts, and interacting with the Mycel blockchain directly from your terminal.

RPC Endpoints: Access detailed documentation on Mycel's RPC endpoints. This section covers how to query blockchain data, submit transactions, and interact with the Mycel network programmatically.

CosmWasm Support: Mycel proudly supports CosmWasm, allowing you to develop smart contracts with ease and deploy them across multiple chains within the Cosmos ecosystem. Learn how to harness the power of CosmWasm for your dApps on Mycel.