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The following information provides a set of guidelines for contributing to the mycel chain dev repo.

Contributions come in the form of writing documentation, raising issues / PRs, and any other actions that help develop mycel

First steps

The first step is to find an issue you want to fix. To identify issues we think are good for first-time contributors, we add the good first issue label.

Once you find an existing issue that you want to work on or if you have a new issue to create, continue below.

Proposing changes

To contribute a change proposal, use the following workflow:

  1. Fork the repository.

  2. Add an upstream so that you can update your fork.

  3. Clone your fork to your computer.

  4. Create a branch and name it appropriately.

  5. Work on only one major change in one pull request.

  6. Make sure all tests are passing locally.

  7. Next, rinse and repeat the following:

    1. Commit your changes. Write a simple, straightforward commit message. To learn more, see How to Write a Git Commit Message.
    2. Push your changes to your remote fork.
    3. Create a PR on the mycel repository. There should be a PR template to help you do so.
    4. Wait for your changes to be reviewed. If you are a maintainer, you can assign your PR to one or more reviewers. If you aren't a maintainer, one of the maintainers will assign a reviewer.
    5. After you receive feedback from a reviewer, make the requested changes, commit them to your branch, and push them to your remote fork again.
    6. Once approval is given, feel free to squash & merge!